vrijdag 2 maart 2012


Disease, ill health, and pains in the body are another opportunity to learn soul lessons. Poor health and pain are motivators to get relief; they push you to regain your health. Do you want to take a pill that will treat the symptoms or do you want to find the cause and correct the problem? Pain in your body and disease, gives you information, that you can use to investigate and find the problem. It will also show you the soul lesson. When the true cause of the problem is found then your health improves and so does the condition of your life.

Your subconscious influences your autonomic nervous system. Oriental medicine teaches, that there are currents of "subtle" energy running through the body, and if the energy gets blocked, illness occurs. The blocked energy (fear) in your body influences your autonomic nervous system, causing distortion in that particular body system. Depending on the area of the body; it can inhibit the T cells in your immune system, the digestive enzymes in your stomach, even the beating of your heart. Your autonomic nervous system makes your bodywork. This means your lymphatic system, respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system, urinary system, circulatory system, muscular system, brain, skin, joints, skeleton, nerves, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are all influenced by your subconsciouss effect on your autonomic nervous system.

The location of your pain or disease usually gives you a clue to your underlying problem. For instance, if your shoulder hurt, you would look up the problem (shoulder) in the book. There are two choices for shoulder 1) represents our ability to carry the burdens in life joyously and 2) we make life a burden by our attitude. Muscle test to see if you get a yes for either of these statements.

If you ignore the problem or just treat the symptoms it can enlarge into a more serious occurrence. The emotional reason for the pain/disease is usually the faulty belief that is in your subconscious. Your fear is the magnet that would bring situations and or ill health into your life. The blockage in your body correlates to the fear in your subconscious. So the "game of life" gives you many clues to improve your health and your everyday life. The strategy is to find the faulty belief, which encases the fear; remove it with the technique and put in the new soul lesson and wait for the autonomic nervous system to adjust and heal your body. This can place in a day or weeks, so allow time for your body to change under the direction of its autonomic nervous system.

So in effect disease promotes a growth in consciousness. For example if a person had breast problems, the faulty belief could be around the issue of refusing to nourish the self and putting everyone else first. They could do the technique and the symptoms usually improve. If a person has depression symptoms the same technique could help to easy depression. Just treating the symptoms is unlikely to lift depression. Just treating the symptoms is unlikely to lift depression. If a person has high cholesterol there must be something functioning wrong in the entire body. So does their personal life because now the new soul lesson is allowing them, the freedom to nourish themselves. Illness is a journey of self-exploration. Illness is a way of learning about yourself. Your body is SELF-HEALING, so do the technique and get out of the way. Healing is the way home. You have the capability of improving your own health. If you have an illness and have not been able to get any relief, don't feel guilty, illness is there for a reason; the reason is soul growth. So look at your illness differently, look at it as, helping you raise your consciousness. So do some exploring of that illness and find the soul lesson. Illness is a clue for you to learn about yourself. To learn where your faulty beliefs/fears lie and to remove them, to mark that fear off your list and move on to a better life.